• Efficiency with Engagement Time

    Efficiency with Engagement Time
    Efficiency is a most sought function by the highest performing individuals including C-suits personalities, professionals and, athletes. Cause, the value of a work that is done is not only measured by its quality and time but most importantly by the process of operation as to how efficiently it was achieved. In today's times, the only things the most successful people seek is to save...
  • Focus Optimisation

    Focus Optimisation
    The difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t can usually be attributed to consistency and focus. It’s great to have a goal but if you don’t have a plan to get there and can stay the course then it’s only ever going to be a pipe dream. In fact, setting lofty goals without a sustainable approach is likely going to be...
  • Micro-decision vs Productivity

    Micro-decision vs Productivity
    Today we are inevitably making hundreds of decisions in a day, some we know we are making and some we are making unknowingly. And each of these decisions and our approaches to making them then impacts our day, our productivity and state of mind. Let’s say each decision we make is like a drop of water in a still pond (mind). Calmness and Focus...
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