Efficiency with Engagement Time

Efficiency is a most sought function by the highest performing individuals including C-suits personalities, professionals and, athletes. Cause, the value of a work that is done is not only measured by its quality and time but most importantly by the process of operation as to how efficiently it was achieved.

In today's times, the only things the most successful people seek is to save time and stay efficient, which allows them to do more in the finite time that they got. Hence, efficiency is currently the second most soft skill after communication that people seek.

Now, what is engagement time? it is the time that an individual has to put to finish a task, end to end. And, as the great focus is subjected to efficiency, a similar focus is also directed to reduce this engagement time. And it can only be achieved efficiently once again, cause each process has standard must steps, that ensures qualitative and consistent results. Now, the key is to improve the operation in such a way that most of these steps should be standardised to such an extent that it can accommodate itself with automation, which then helps to fasten the process and reduces the liable dependency of the supervision or interruption from individuals.

Thus, as the engagement time is reduced, the time saved then can be used as an asset to use in other functions that can be doing more work, do extracurriculars and with important things that we miss do simply because of tight or no additional time in our regular schedule.

Now, what you should do, make a note of things that measurably takes most of your time in a day, and then look for two things, a person who is doing similar functions but better, learn how they do it and second look for patterns, use technology to reduce your standard operating process, if you want to be well recognised, discovers or invent a new process, people seated at topmost echelon loves and respects individuals who optimise, and promotes efficiency as it gives the way to achieve more with the finite time, and without an additional stretch.

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