Focus Optimisation

The difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t can usually be attributed to consistency and focus.

It’s great to have a goal but if you don’t have a plan to get there and can stay the course then it’s only ever going to be a pipe dream. In fact, setting lofty goals without a sustainable approach is likely going to be the biggest reason you didn’t achieve what you set out to do. It seems the world or at least social media is intent on us becoming superhuman goal getting machines. Let's face it the 5 am club sounds great but work without direction and focus is ultimately futile no matter how early you get up to seize the day. With some considered decisions and a little bit of focus the 6 am club can be equally as prosperous and you get an extra hour in bed.

Outcome is king

Set your frame of reference to your outcome first then work backwards into as small increments as needed to get there. Many people fall over in one of two ways only ever focusing on their ultimate goal and becoming so overwhelmed they don’t know what to do first or procrastinate over specific actions as they lose sight of the ultimate outcome. Keep both in mind.

Stuff happens

While in pursuit of your outcome accept that setbacks will occur, likewise so will opportunities. There is no such thing as bad luck the world and our experience of it from an external influence perspective is totally random in nature, people that think they are unlucky only see the setbacks, likewise, entrepreneurs will experience the same setbacks they just accept them as part of the world and move on looking for the next success.

Limit distractions

We all love a quick scroll through the latest happenings in social media, our inbox or that latest cult Netflix series. Did you know social media platforms employ algorithms to keep you engaged by ensuring a steady stream of notifications (even for stuff you don’t care about, “friends interested in an event near you” I’m looking at you) and the satisfaction of getting rid of that little red one? The easiest way to combat this disables all notifications on everything. If you can live with that, schedule breaks to check notifications, emails etc. Build up to longer breaks between checking notifications etc.

Balanced nutrition

A balanced approach to nutrition along with adequate levels of hydration ensures your mind stays focused. Caffeine is widely known for its stimulatory properties and helping you stay in the zone, however, did you know that certain micronutrients such as vitamin B12 can help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Supplements aren’t essential but can help you top up these nutrients if you feel you need some extra support. FOCUS!

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