Micro-decision vs Productivity

Today we are inevitably making hundreds of decisions in a day, some we know we are making and some we are making unknowingly. And each of these decisions and our approaches to making them then impacts our day, our productivity and state of mind.

Let’s say each decision we make is like a drop of water in a still pond (mind). Calmness and Focus are directly proportional to the stillness of the water in the pond.

Now, would you make more decisions or fewer decisions in a day to stay calm and focused? I am guessing your answer is to make lesser decisions. Although we need to make many decisions. That means there are going to bed drops in the pond, while that may over time make some water waves and then go still again meaning you staying focused and calm. However, it is not all decisions that we take to make our ponds water ho sparkling, rather so, it is the micro-decisions that we take unknowingly serves as heavy rain on the pond.

Let’s take an example, we all know that cheating our mails is important, replying to a chat or a group message is very tempting, the news in inshore about that celebrity gossip, or something else is very interesting and almost without any active decision-making process we dive into them. Check out the emails every now, scrolling through notifications, reading great news, without being aware of the facts that these are the micro-decisions you are making so often in a day that, your pond never gets to stay still, resulting in stress, uneasiness and often compromised productivity.

Now, since these things happen involuntarily, with less to the non-active decision-making process, what are we suppose to do to avoid them or at the least limit them, to ensure that our pond gets to stay still, that is calm and focused.

Each micro-decisions you take is draining your productivity juice from your mind, which is actually limited more like a battery that refuels every day. Now, I trust you don’t lose your power on things that are not responsible for bettering your productivity or actually is opposite to it.

I understand that having to stay focused in not easy, however it can be if you plan it in a RIGHT way.

3 Keyways to keep your pond still

Understand how much of your time is consumed by this micro-decision activities

Decide how much time would you like to spend on them as you should. Make a clear and flexible routine to organize these micro-decisions activities. And stick to them.

Since you stayed up with me till here, you deserve a bonus.

Try to limit the number of decisions you need to make in a day by planning for it a day or a week before. The commonest thing that have been studied about successful entrepreneurs is their willingness to plan their days, a week and month before and to limit the mundane decisions they have to make every day from wardrobe choices to evening NetFlix. So, that they can use all their productive mental battery to the activities that are directly responsible for their growth, enabling them to make high-quality decisions.

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