• Zero Procrastination Zone

    Zero Procrastination Zone
    Firstly, why do we procrastinate? The main reason that we procrastinate is “Time Inconsistency”, which refers to the tendency of the human brain to value immediate rewards more highly than future rewards. Meaning, we are more inclined and willing to take action on tasks that have immediate results over long-term benefits despite whatever our intentions are. Also, a less focus and low mental energy...
  • 101 Nootropics

    101 Nootropics
    88% of Fortune 500 companies C-Suit executives are using nootropics reportedly daily as a dietary supplement. Nootropics are No. 1 highly consumed ingredients on wall streets, top corporate employees, and Ivy League college-goers in the USA. However, only 0.04% of people know about nootropics in India. USA & Europe are at the forefront of the nootropics market with relatively growing popularity in India, China,...
  • Choose Your PAIN

    Choose Your PAIN
    The above title might come as scarier or goofier for most or all of us. Why do we need to choose pain while all the time is kept putting our effort to stay out of it, right! Now, let's think it through a real life situation, let’s go to nostalgia-land, all of us had/have a dream, let’s start with teenage one, right after 12th, many...
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