Zero Procrastination Zone

Firstly, why do we procrastinate?

The main reason that we procrastinate is “Time Inconsistency”, which refers to the tendency of the human brain to value immediate rewards more highly than future rewards.

Meaning, we are more inclined and willing to take action on tasks that have immediate results over long-term benefits despite whatever our intentions are. Also, a less focus and low mental energy fuels procrastination.

The another key reason is missing the motivation factor. This may result from frequent burnouts, stress and anxiety.

To understand it more comprehensively, let’s consider we are two selfs. One is present self and another is future self. The future self is about great health, physic, saving for retirement and so on, all of this is future benefits for our future self. Yet, to attain all this benefits we need our present self to work on it, yet since this are future outcomes our present is not willing to do it, rather it wants to take actions which can give immediate rewards such as eating a piece of pizza right now to feel better, buying an expensive phone, not aligned with out future self goals of better physic or better savings respectively.

Now, how do we stop procrastination?

A focused mind with great energy never procrastinates. That’s a truth. However, it is not easy, we deal with overwhelming amount of informations, notifications, responsibilities, stress and over-workings so often todays that staying focus & mentally energised is tough and at some instances may look like unachievable.

And getting our present self align with the future self is very difficult task as well. So, what we do is use science and innovation in the game.

Let’s work on making future self outcomes converted in present self with immediate rewards as our brains love immediate outcomes over long-term benefits.

One very effective key tool to do this is “Consistency Device”, meaning always try to more a routine which compliments your immediate tasks with things that you procrastinate.

Let’s understand this with examples,

1. Listen to your favourite music or audio books while you are running on treadmill or working out.

2. Eat your favourite food or at your favourer cafe and work.

3. Since we are lazy to save money by ourself, automate the process, by making a monthly automated money transfer from your salary account to your saving account.

And so on. Find your pleasure action and compliment it with something that you are most likely to procrastinate.

Now, all of the above mentions things are possible when you are mentally sound, resilient and healthy.

To keep the harmony between body and mind, we have designed scientifically formulated combination of advanced nootropic ingredients that is Ultra Brain™ for peak cognitive performance.

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