Choose Your PAIN

The above title might come as scarier or goofier for most or all of us. Why do we need to choose pain while all the time is kept putting our effort to stay out of it, right!

Now, let's think it through a real life situation, let’s go to nostalgia-land, all of us had/have a dream, let’s start with teenage one, right after 12th, many of us might have attended these tier 1 competitive exams like for IITs, Medical Colleges, other tier one universities in India or abroad, however, only a few amongst us, really got them, now how is this nostalgia is related here, before the exam, there were two kinds of students when to attend it, one were the ones who had disciplinarily and relentless, prepared for these exams, and most of this students have actually got them, and then there were us or must of us, who did not get in, they did study occasionally, they did study hard right before the exam, and then they did not get it, now, not getting onto your dream college is a life-shattering experience (at those time, might not feel the same today), it is very likely that we felt disappointed, cried the river, hid from people and were in the despair for real long time.

However, we do not think about it after few years, until this story repeats in the later stages of our lives, after college, at a competition, at work or any other place.

 Now, coming to the point, the fact is, no matter, the winning or the losing, both of them suffers the pain, the winner like that student who relentlessly and consistently prepared for the exam, losing the movie nights, the evening games, the breaks at a local tea-stall with friends, might lose or gain a lot of weight, trust it, it was not easy, in fact, it was very painful, the champions, like Christian Ronaldo, Lionel Messy, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, the super starts like Amitab Bachhan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Shah Ruk Khan, like start-up entrepreneurs like Ritesh Agarwal, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Kunal Shah and these are only a few, but the all the people that are the summit of their roles, careers, positions, have gone and also consistently going through the pain to stay the world-class and top of their games.

  And also the people, the majority of us have also experienced the severe pain and disappointment of falling short and not achieving the desired goals. 

Now, if you might have noticed that with the winners and losers experience and over-whelming sum of pain, winners experience it while preparing for it and so-called losers experience post-competition. But the only constant for both is the pain.

So, the difference is when one attends to more pain than other, meaning no matter what we will be constantly experiencing the pain, but if we chose to live the pain not after but before the competition like you got to prepare for that exam, don’t start it when it is too late, you got that interview, take the pain, to prepare better, you want that promotion, take that pain to work better and more efficient than your competition, and this pain is called as Honest Pain, that you chose over the pain of excuses, the pain of losing, and the pain of everything else that is not about winning.

Conclusion: Choose your pain before its too late choose your pain, cause pain is inevitable, but most importantly the state of mind, after you win, after going through these ordeals of pain to prepare for it, the state of yourself, you achieve a long-term satisfaction and happiness, that is timeless until your next win.

  Once again, choose your pain, wisely.

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