• 101 with TruSleep™

    101 with TruSleep™
    Formulated with a combination of clinically proven earthly grown relaxing herbs with the naturally occurring amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, for, balancing mood, managing stress, and improving sleep quality. It is India’s first nootropic, which promotes the natural production of serotonin inside the body, with the amino acid L-Tryptophan, which converts to 5-Hydroxy Tryptophan (5-HTP), the direct precursor of the essential neurotransmitter (5-HT). It...
  • Are You The Best ?

    Are You The Best ?
    Today when everyone is trying to get ahead, either personally or professionally, we are being more considerate and careful of our mental health as we do for physical health. We are marching towards an era of great possibilities and greater opportunities.  However, we all might not get what we want or aspire and may have to settle for what is given to us, compared...
  • Limit Your Choices.

    Limit Your Choices.
    The modern world is full of choice, it's one of the fantastic benefits of living in such a prosperous time. That given all of this choice leads to mental fatigue in two ways, firstly from the share volume of “noise” we have to process secondly from the actual act of having to choose. Our minds are fairly complex entities that process and store information...
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