Are You The Best ?

Today when everyone is trying to get ahead, either personally or professionally, we are being more considerate and careful of our mental health as we do for physical health. We are marching towards an era of great possibilities and greater opportunities. 

However, we all might not get what we want or aspire and may have to settle for what is given to us, compared to many individuals who will get, exactly what they wish for or may do better. Now, you might be thinking these people who are getting ahead must have some extra power, qualities or are just supernaturals. Yet, it is not the real case, of course, many people have an edge over many things, but it is not what gets them much ahead, what measurably distinct between mastery and mediocrity are as follows,


• Trust in one’s self

• Determination at one’s goal

• Consistency at one’s efforts 

• Balance One’s Mind & Body

These four things are the factors that differentiate every individual, we all have it in some proportions, people who have most in greater proportion are the ones who get greater things and vice versa.

It might be easy to read it, and then accept it, what is not so much easy is following it up, why do we not follow this up although we know it is the only way,


• Laziness 

• Lack of clarity 

• Spending time staying distracted

• Your brain is wired to short term pleasure over long term achievements 

Now, we also have all of these factors embedded in us, truly, in most of us, but we choose not to accept and live in a self-made delusion as what we are doing is right and your time will come, or you are not fit for it or its not your calling or you just are not motivated, personally or socially.

Hence, in the race of challengers vs defenders, it’s the challengers who always get ahead and defenders get settled.

Now, what can we do to be in the club of challengers but not defenders, we stop defending our failure rather challenge them, How do we do it?

• Create a vision with absolute details 

• Create a map that is most likely to get you there (Practical)

• Associate yourself with challengers 

• Keep your mind focused, energised and motivated.

These are the 4 keys that will transform you to get in the club of challengers and you will then be not settling but excelling.

This would not be easy, this need not be difficult either, just follow what challengers do, as their results are the evidence of your success. This will never change, once you get the hang of it, it will then come naturally to you.

While you are at it never overwhelm yourself, take time to relax your body and mind, as you supplement your body with exercise and food, you should also supplement your mind with mediation and brain food.

Now, we all know about food, yet very few people who seek greatness know about brain food, yes, there is brain food, the natural ingredients which help you improve your brain performance, meaning you can improve your cognitive performance and get a real edge over the competition while you are in the club of challengers.

Let me give you some numbers, 88% of c-suit executives use nootropics (a brain food) daily, while 77% of Ivy college-goers take them routinely, and only 0.04% of people in India are even aware of it. 

Now, that is called limitation of knowledge which is keeping us distant from our best selves, imagine people wanting the same things as you do, and they are well equipped rather better equipped than you, considering they have a greater knowledge of the tools that they can use to out-run you, as we all know that the tools are the keys, and if you do not know about them you don’t have all the keys meaning you will open only a few locks but might just get stuck or may not have the key for next lock, which is potentially your desired or destined goal.

Now, as we all live in the world of greater connectivity, it is now easier to get the keys, we are no more limited by knowledge but we need to ask the right question to get the right answers that are all that we need to do.

Talking about brain food or nootropics, these are not new, it has been in use from ancient times in Ayurveda, Unani, Chines Medicines and many more, but these are lately getting more attention than ever before we all are realising that there is more to our brain than we are using right now and these ingredients will assist you to unlock that potential. 

So, what exactly do nootropics do?

• Increase focus and attention by improving acetylcholine levels in the brain

• Enhance reaction time and brain processing speed via an increased neural connection 

• Boost mental energy to keep you going without getting burn-outs

• Supports in bettering memory and mental clarity with alpha brain wave production

Some of the well-known nootropic ingredients are Bacopa Monnieri, Huperzia Serrata, Caffeine, L-Theanine, Gingko Biloba and Vinca Flowers. There are hundreds of nootropic ingredients available that assists in increasing your cognitive performance. These can be used by healthy individuals or individuals who are cognitively challenged as these are the highly effective and safest form of brain nutrition.

To name a few well-known nootropic supplements that you can get right away are Qualia Mind from Nuerohackers (USA), Ultra Brain from Giver Nutrition (India), and Mind Lab Pro (UK) to improve your brain health and stay sharp while you are relentlessly working towards achieving your greater goals.

The last 4 things to keep in mind are,

• You have a purpose that can only be fulfilled by you

• You do not have a replacement you are unique 

• Time does not come, It has to be brought

• Your Mind is the master key, keep it well-nourished.

If you feel this can help many more people please like it and share it. Let’s get more challengers happening.

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