Nutrition For Modern Lifestyle


Modern World's Way

Today the world is moving fast, every day we are witnessing amazing creations happening all over the world. Science and technology are dynamically changing workspaces, things that are relevant today are getting outdated in no time. As per research by McKinsey, 95% of occupations that are existing today won't exist in the following 10 years. This kind of disruption is demanding from all of us, of relentless skills upgrade, adopting new technology, learning the latest advancement happening in your field, people who wouldn’t be able to update will be replaced and this is harsh yet is our reality today.

Staying On The Top

Hence, it is imperative that we stay on top of our game, every day. We need to be mentally and physically sound to stay up for the game, the slightest delay, may cause us huge risk, and while there is absolutely no escape to this reality, unless we choose to be saints, which is also pretty saturated today, and is also very competitive. The best bet we have is to always keep learning, adapting, and standing out of the crowd, making ourselves important by gaining more knowledge, experiences, and never accepting mediocrity.

The Challenges 

We understand that it is not easy, it takes a lot of our physical and a lot more of our mental energy, causing burn-outs, procrastination, stress, anxiety, and if not taken care of well, may result in more fatal conditions over time. Yet, as we understand well, that there is no excuse.

Bringing Science On-Board 

That is why we are going to assist you to stay top of your game, by keeping you sharp, focused, energised, and motivated using science and clinically backed data.

As you know we have proteins, BCCAs, creatinine, multivitamins, and other many supplements that are used to better our physical health, yet very few of us know that we also have a class of supplements known as nootropics or cognitive enhancers. These are the supplements that are clinically studied and proven to have increased our cognition and mood, including focus, mental clarity, mental energy, reduce brain fog, procrastination, and stress.

These are the super brain foods, which nourished our brain cells, maintains optimum levels of acetylcholine, increases alpha brain waves, improves neural communication which gets our brain to perform at its best ability. Just imagine that your brain is on top gear, you are learning faster, increasing your memory, faster reaction time, easily interpreting data that is given to you, staying focused for long hours, while your energy taking the control of your situation making you most productive and creative.

Desired Expectations

Today companies in all industries need people who have the highest productivity and creativity over mediocre. If you are an entrepreneur you will agree that when you are more focused and alert you get more quality work done than otherwise. For a student, getting this competitive edge enables you to perform better than others and secure yourself the best rank.

So, it is time that we take our lives back, no more burn-outs, no more procrastination, no more accepting mediocrity. Fuel your amazing brain with the right nutrition and make it fire on all the cylinders. Take the advantage of peak cognitive performance.

Nootropics For Modern Lifestyle

To save you the time and trouble to make your own personalised nootropic formulation which is not just the most effective but also absolutely safe. We have scientifically formulated India’s first advanced nootropics supplement, Ultra Brain™ at Giver Nutrition to fuel your brain, with 9 high quality, clinically studied nootropic ingredients. Ultra Brain™ is designed to optimise all your cognitive functions and make you perform at your best.

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