Nootropics in India: Where to buy them?

Nootropics are a class of dietary supplements that are used to enhance cognitive abilities including focus, memory, attention, and energy among other executive brain functions. To learn about how they work check out

What nootropics are available in India?

Some of the most effective and clinically studies natural nootropics that are available in India are Bacopa Monnieri, Alpha-GPC, Lion’s Mane, Phosphatidylserine, Gingko Biloba, Tyrosine, Ashwagandha, Vinpocetine, and Pterostilbene among the others.

Where to buy?

Today buying nootropics in India is not as difficult earlier, you can buy different ingredients together or combined formulations on Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce sites.

Currently, one of the advanced and fastest-selling nootropics that is available in India is from the company Giver Nutrition, Ultra BrainTM is India’s first advanced nootropic supplement made with 9 clinically studied nootropic ingredients. It can also be bought on all the leading e-commerce stores online, or you can get it directly from their official website

Are nootropics safe?

This is a very common question that people who are trying out these supplements for the first time have on their mind, answer to this question is in what kind of nootropics you are using, natural nootropics as mentioned above are clinically safe and can be used for daily use. However, prescription-based nootropics such as racetams, modafinil, or Adderall are not advised for the healthy individual as they are to be taken under strict professional’s observation, these are highly addictive and can have long-term side effects.

So, to conclude a combination of natural and clinically studied nootropics are the best pick for any individual who is looking forward to improving their cognitive functions which risking any adverse effects. Ultra BrainTM from giver nutrition is one the best and well-formulated natural nootropics that are easily available in India, in a short, it has become a proffered choice of nootropic supplement among students and professionals in India.


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