Map For Time 2 Money

Let me start by asking you a question. 

Do you know how much you make an hour?  

If yes, you are halfway to money already, if not, just find it out.  One easy way to find your hourly income is by calculating your total takeaway of a month divided by ( multiplications of your working days with total working hours a day). Or google it our later. Once you have got your hourly income sorted. It is now clear, the number you are working for. Now, let's make a goal, much you want this number to be. Say you are the main x/hr and you want to make xxx/hr. If you are salaried then your x/hr is pretty much fixed and your move to make xxx/hr is as you know depends on your next promotion, or hike or change your job, chances are you will need to work really hard or at least long time to make xxx/hr, you actually have a less control on it as of now. If you are not salaried you have better control to up from x/hr to xxx/hr yet you do not have a definite timeline as a salaried person has.

Now, the key to maths of time 2 money is not only in how much money you make in an hour is more important what you do, how efficient are you to better, your current performance, or what can you do now, to do 3 times of productivity in the same one hour to reach your xxx/hr goal.  

One good way to find it is, understand who is making xxx/hr in your industry, now understand what they have or doing that gets them their xxx/hr. It can be their experience, qualifications, networking, or some key skills they have or they are experts of.

Yet, it is a very crucial step you really need to understand it, measure it, map it well.

Now, align your skills, experiences, achievements, recognitions, all the things that can support you to move up and then match it with the xxx/ hr guy. Remember you are matching with their skill & abilities, not with the person. Cause, we all are different so we can or should try to match the person.

Once you have sorted it you will start understanding the key areas of growth and development. That is where you should start, cause it doesn’t matter how hard you work rather which direction are focusing on makes all the difference.

It will be hard, yet your determination and now actually understanding of how it can be done will ease the process as the xxx/hr is certain at the end.

When you know you can do it, the only thing that stops you is your poor determination and lethargy or simply staying too comfortable where you are.

Let's summarise it,

Find out your hourly income, then decide how much you want to make or maybe need to make.

Then find out who’s making it, it can be a person, a company, or any such entity, depending on what you do, where you work, or what you work for.

Know, what it takes, map it down, feel the gap, with your absolute best. And do all that you can to accelerate that process. Learn more, work more, do things that will make you more productive, get a lifestyle that supports the new you, that aids to better the newer you.

We all have a goal, the destination yet we often don’t map our way towards it, cause all destinations are just dream if you don’t map them.

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