Ultra Brain™
India’s first clinically advance nootropic formulation that gets you in the zone of productivity recommended by global mental health coaches.
The fastest-acting advanced nootropic formula that is designed to perform complex-cognitive function right when you need it the most.
from ₹1,198.80
More than just better sleep, start getting the restorative deep sleep and improve your mood, to regenerate and perform at your best.
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Ultra Brain™ & TruSleep™
Recommended by cognitive experts for optimising your daily performance. Join the elite club of MAKERS.
from ₹2,038.80
Brainstaq™ & Truesleep™
LION'S MANE MUSHROOM for the DAY & VALERIAN ROOT for the night with other herbal adaptogens, minerals and vitamins.
from ₹1,918.80
Ultra Brain™ & Brainstaq™
Get advanced nootropic formula for UNSTOPPABLE YOU.
from ₹2,158.80
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