3 Best Memory Booster Supplements in 2022

What is a memory booster supplement?

There is an overwhelming amount of brain-boosting supplements available today, which often intimidatingly confuses people to sort. Hence, in this blog, we aim to aid you in making a well-informed decision to choose the right memory booster supplement for you.

As the name suggests, memory booster supplements, are a class of dietary supplements, which have been clinically shown to improve executive cognitive functions including both short term and long term working memory or recall.

Some of the notable clinical findings in memory booster supplements are as follows,

1. An Age-Old Traditional Extract: Huperzia Serrata For Improving Daily Cognition

This study has shown that using Huperzia Serrata in a lower dose has shown effectiveness in improvement of cognitive functions, and daily living activity, particularly for memory and focusing.

2. Soyabean Derived Phosphatidylserine (Soy-PS): Improves Memory Function in Adults & Elderly Individuals 

This study has shown that throughout the trial no adverse event was observed in relation to sample intake. The oral administration of Soy-PS for 6 months improved memory function, especially delayed recall, in the elderly with memory complaints. This effect was equally observed at both low doses (100 mg/day) and high doses (300 mg/day).

3. Brain Health across the lifespan: A systemic review on the Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements

This study concluded that omega 3 fatty acids have shown to be effective at improving EPA & DHA status, which is associated with better memory.

4. Efficacy of a Standardised Bacopa Monnieri Extract on Cognitive Performance

This study provided further evidence that B. Monnieri has the potential for safely enhancing cognitive performance including concentration and memory.

5. Evaluation of Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (A-GPC): As an Emerging Ergogenic Supplement 

This study has shown Alpha GPC  at lower doses (100-150mg/day) could be effective for neurological benefits and at higher doses of greater than 250mg/day has been shown to further improve strength and physical power suited for athletes.

These were some of the scientific literature on the key memory booster ingredients that are available today. 

As discussed earlier in this article we are now going to assist you to choose the right memory booster supplement for you amongst the top 3 nootropic supplements as recommended by the experts in this field:

  1. Qualia Mind from Neurohacker Collective (USA)

  2. Ultra Brain from Giver Nutrition (INDIA)

  3. Neuriva Plus From Schiff Vitamins (RB Health) (USA)

No. 1: Qualia Mind: A Comprehensive Nootropic Formulation

Qualia Mind

This nootropic supplement contains 28 ingredients including Bacopa Monnieri, Huperzia Serrata, and Cognizin® in it including amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbal adaptogens, making it by far the most amount of nootropic ingredients containing supplement which is great but also a bit heavier on the pockets.

Qualia Mind works by following a bio-hacking pathway,

Qualia Mind although an expensive nootropic supplement when compared with the other premium nootropic stacks available on the market is by far one of the most recommended supplements by experts in the cognitive field due to its comprehensive formulation of 28 ingredients.

Qualia Mind is ideal for,

Ease of Availability: It is locally available on major e-commerce platforms in the USA across all the states and they are also shipping worldwide directly from their e-retail stores Neurohacker Collective and other international e-commerce platforms.

No 2. Ultra Brain:  An Advanced Natural Nootropic Formulation

Ultra Brain

Ultra Brain is an indigenous brand from Giver Nutrition, it is scientifically formulated with 9+ clinically proven natural nootropic ingredients including Alpha GPC, Bacopa Monnieri, Huperzine A, Phosphatidylserine, minerals, vitamins & amino acids which work synergistically to improve focus, memory, learning, clarity, energy and also helps with stress.

Ultra Brain is also recommended by Greg Costincar, Certified Brain Health Professional and founder of YourInception, you can read his review here Ultra Brain Review: An India Nootropic Supplement.

Ultra Brain works by following bio-hacking pathways,

Giver Nutrition is a speciality based nutrition company primarily focused on mental health, sleep health and gut health. Since all the products are made in India, Giver Nutrition is able to avail the premium formulations at affordable ranges compared to similar internationally available nootropic supplements.


Ultra Brain is ideal for,

  • Students 

  • Athletes

  • Professionals

  • Gamers

Ease of Availability: It is locally available on all the leading e-commerce platforms in India and they are currently shipping worldwide from their official e-retail store Giver Nutrition.

No. 3. Neuriva Plus: Brain Health Supplement


Neuriva Plus is a supplement designed to help support different indicators of brain performance: focus, memory, accuracy, concentration and reasoning. It contains 5 ingredients including B12, Coffee Fruit Extract & Phosphatidylserine.

Neuriva Plus works by following bio-hacking pathways,

  • Increase levels of the neuro-protein BDNF 

  • Strengthen connections between brain cells

  • Caffeine increases activity in your brain and nervous system

Neuriva offers a holistic approach to a brain-healthy lifestyle with the Neuriva Brain Gym app and our carefully designed supplement, which is supported by The Brain Health Network.

Neuriva Plus is ideal for,

  • Students

  • Professional

  • Entrepreneurs 

Ease of Availability: It is locally available on major e-commerce platforms in the USA across all the states and they are also shipping worldwide directly from their e-retail stores Schiff Vitamins and other international e-commerce platforms.

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