Ace Work - Life Balance

3 Easy Steps to live a Healthier Work - Life Balance. To Be Better You !

There is nothing ever, is more important than a healthy, peaceful, resilient you. No matter what. You know that you are the only “Key” for your treasure of all kinds of success you seek in your life. Nothing, absolutely nothing can replace this fact. There is no other “Key” for you, it’s You.

I am not going to tell you to do anything which actually takes a lot of active exercise or activity, cause I understand we are occupied and can’t change much around rather I am only focusing on three vitals, which can, for the real impact your future for healthier and better you at your personal and professional spaces and you have absolute command over it (You just need to take your control back).

Without any further adieu, let’s get right to it,

1. Plan In Advance: Yes! You read that right. You would also have heard it or learned it before yet here we are. You are doing nothing or failed doing it a few times. Know this, there is no negotiation to this, you need to adapt this for real, REAL.

It is a clinically established fact that the individuals who plan their actions, priorities, and any kind of work may it be personal or professional in advance, experiences more and better success at accomplishing it than those who simply don’t.

Now don’t just plan it in your head NO, rather write it down, and later when you have achieved it mark it as done, and that feeling of marking an activity as done, over time, it psychologically motivates you, making you feel accomplished which in-return boosts your confidence and naturally drives you to stay more organised in future.

The other powerful outcome of this is, you get to limit your decision making responsibilities for the next day, and you can rather leverage this productive energy you just saved to get your work done with more efficiency and now with extra productive energy. Can you imagine how great that will be?

It’s a “special” power to know what are you going to do next, in advance, so that you are better prepared for it being more impactful, rational and resilient, and you start to take control of your future. And that is just, GREAT!

2. Do Not Procrastinate (Postpone): Well, in today’s so-called “busy world”, it is often comfortably easy to reason anything into procrastination. Yet only if you for once, realise that most of the things which we usually procrastinate today are usually more of personal things than professional ones, simply cause there is no one to blame you for it and you can easily get away with it since you were the only one who was responsible.

Now, the problem is, with the nature of such things, that we constantly, mindlessly and sometimes intentionally procrastinate. Such as saying “I love You” to your loved ones, or returning a text or a call back to someone you know, or not taking that vacation you once planned, or not completing that course you once believed would be very helpful for you, or not attending those family/ friends meet up, and we all have a thousand reasons to use as an escape why you procrastinated these activities, now once again read them back, analyse closely, you will find the most of the things, only needed a minute or two to accomplish, some would take only a few hours from your entire week or month to achieve it, yet here you are.

You would rather play some game for hours, or binge watch some random series on TV or Netflix or Prime, or just stay home and spend all your time overthinking why your life is so messy. There is no fun, no people that care about you. And you turn yourself off. And it all ends SAD.

Well, the good news is, it really doesn’t have to be this way, take up your phone reply to those texts, make those calls, tell your people you love them, see a few friends or family once a while, spend some time on a beautiful beach or on a mountain or anywhere where you CONNECT with. Just do it, if you decide to do any of this, trust me you will find more than just one way to be there. Cause, when you are genuinely looking for something, your inner energy findS the way to get there, it is little more than just science. Yet it’s TRUE!

Start small, and keep going! And then you will realise that there are so many people who actually care about you, there are so many of conversations and things happening around you that you actually connect with and care for, and that’s how you achieve a healthier personal peaceful state of mine, for facts its easier done than said, Period.

Exclusively, try to get the small things, the small responsibilities get done right in real-time. It just takes a moment, like LITERALLY!

Procrastination Is Like A Cancer, You Need To Take It Out Of You, To Live More Healthier, The Life You Deserve.

3. Limit Time Wasting Activities & People: Now, things are going to get a little tense, and serious, trust me it is the most significant and the most impactful part for a lot of people who rely on or make their important decision based on other’s opinions or influences.

It is actually great to be influenced by things and people. Let others be a source of our motivation and confidence. Yet the most challenging part in this is the “kind of things or people” you are getting influenced by. Cause, if the things you spend the most time on or people you live with, are not encouraging you to be better, be more than what you are, if they are not pushing you to achieve your best potential, if they are not providing you rational reasoning, it is time to stop and make a decision, It is the time you say GOODBYE !.

Cause in today’s world “Not Growing is De-Growing.”

It is an established fact and a core concept I religiously believe in is, “ You are sum of five people’s energy you surround yourself with.” And please understand this, cause it is a fact and it is indeed a time to sit and reflect on this theory to understand how it is impacting your life, cause, truth to be told, it is indeed impacting your life, it is defining where you are right now and where you will go in future. There is no escape from this amalgam of energies.

So, you should be very careful while choosing these people, or things, and how they prevail their impact on your personality and what you becoming.

I agree, you do not have the best kind of people always around you, well, it’s not only people, who’s energy impacts us. It could be a great book, or a good learning show, or an inspiring podcast you listen to, that can get in your circle and have their best impact on you, lead you towards better you, more confident, more motivated, more ambitious you. When you choose your circle, things, people, voices carefully, you get an opportunity to become the person you are capable of being, the person you know is worth becoming. “

Choose Your Energies, To Become What You Seek To Be!"

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